DELTARUNE Piano Diaries: Chapter 1 Now Available

A tribute to a fantastic soundtrack

09 December 2022
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Veteran piano arrangers and performers David Russell and Laura Platt are pleased to present Piano Diaries: DELTARUNE Ch.1, a 40-track solo piano tribute to Toby Fox’s DELTARUNE soundtracks. Key themes from the released chapters are re-imagined in new and inventive ways, giving fans a new appreciation for the memorable themes and moments from the game.

Listeners will enjoy classics including the spunky battle theme, “Rude Buster,” and the determined “Field of Hopes and Dreams” featuring skillful performances that make the most of the piano’s range. Piano Diaries: DELTARUNE Ch.1 is now available on all digital storefronts and streaming platforms and is being planned for a limited vinyl release in the near future. You can find a list of the streaming platforms featuring the album here.

David Russell is a classically-trained pianist working out of West Virginia. For the past decade, he has reimagined music from games and other interactive media with solo-instrumental and fully orchestral interpretations.

Laura Platt is a composer, arranger, and performer of videogame music, specialising in orchestral and solo piano re-interpretations of both classic and modern tracks. Laura’s music has appeared in over half a billion views’ worth of videos across the internet–including on her YouTube channel, where she has been releasing original music and arrangements of music from videogames in a variety of genres since 2011.

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