Around the Minecraft World in 80 Biomes: Episode 2 released

Does this count as official lore?

09 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Minecraft is under attack! A disgruntled ex-Mojang Studios employee has added Mobbo, the worst mob ever, to Minecraft and now the game is DOOMED. Or is it? Yeah, probably.

Mojang has sent in two ‘heroes’ to try and save the game! Can they save Minecraft? Can YOU learn shocking design secrets of our biomes while watching their adventures?

In the series’ second episode, Minecraft’s deserts are in danger! Can our heroes save these desolate wastelands from becoming… er, something worse than a desolate wasteland? Discover why Minecraft’s deserts are so barren, a sinister new theme park, and who’s getting game over’d at the end of the episode in a pathetic attempt to get the ratings up.

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