Fashionably fearsome Marcus Fenix is leading the charge into the Fall Guys Store. The hero of Aspho Fields, along with a pair of franchise favorites, has raided the Armory, emerging with some fantastic Costumes for the Bean Horde to wear. This content is available starting today and will stick around until Dec. 14th, 2022.

You can form up as two COG heroes in the Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz Costumes. Alternatively, you can besiege the Blunderdome while dressed as Locust leader General RAAM.

Whether surviving on Sera, or battling in the Blunderdome, you’ll look commanding in the three Fall Guys Store outfits. We managed to buff out all the dings, as these Costumes have seen some things.

  • Marcus Fenix Costume
  • Kait Diaz Costume
  • General RAAM

Add those to the list, and see you in the Blunderdome.

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