SnowRunner has been updated to Version 1.0.10. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New Content

Adds support for the Save the Day Vinyl Wrap Pack DLC, which includes 4 skins for the following vehicles:

  • Freightliner M916
  • Freightliner 114SD
  • International HX520
  • Chevrolet_Kodiak_С70

Adds support for mods

New Game+

  • Fixed an issue causing buttons to be unassigned on the Options screen
  • Fixed a bug that prevented switching between vehicles when selecting a paid parameter for the ‘Vehicle Selection Rule’.
  • Fixed an issue where creating save data caused an issue with the last custom scenario saved in New Game+
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of save data in New Game+ when a Mod Map used in a custom scenario was deactivated in New Game+
  • Fixed an issue where in-game currency was not deducted when moving between regions, selecting any paid parameter in the options, switching regions, and placing vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue causing the regional rules for vehicle repair not to apply.
  • Fixed a crash occuring when selecting ‘Daytime only’ in the New Game + menu after saving with the ‘Nighttime only’ rule.
  • Fixed an issue in the damage rules regarding vehicles where vehicles would receive water damage in New Game+ if no damage was selected.

Mod Editor

  • Fixed a bug causing the “PropertyCargoTruckSpawner” zone to be selectable on the “Type selection” screen in the “Zone setting” menu.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Rewards” section of the “Zone settings” menu, where the “ObjectiveRewardsTrial” and “ObjectiveRewardTrialPartItem” reward types were displayed.
  • Fixed a bug in the “ActionPackSettings” stage where the “CargoPack” item was displaying a text input field instead of a drop-down list.
  • Fixed a bug in the “Select type” pop-up window of the “Terrain Locators List” item, where the “Zone setting” text input field was displayed instead of a drop-down list of available zones.
  • Fixed a bug in “additionalTaskGivers” where a text input field was displayed instead of a drop-down list.


  • Fixed a crash when loading maps Alaska and White Valley maps.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented farming tasks from progressing.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented guest tasks from progressing in multiplayer mode.
  • Step Pike: the design of the sides of the vehicles has been modified.
  • Adjustments to the log-fork auto-orientation.
  • Fixed the orientation of logforks when cranes are started.
  • Performance and memory optimizations.
  • Minor adjustments to UI.
  • Minor rendering adjustments.
  • Localization corrections.

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