A few weeks back, Bandai Namco shared a My Hero Ultra Rumble closed beta. According to Bandai Namco, roughly 60k people participated in the beta, and now we can see the results from that event.

According to the beta results, average satisfaction for players overall sits at 3.94 out of 5, with roughly 78% positive responses. That 78% accounts for people who said they were satisfied, while 9% were somewhat dissatisfied/dissatisfied. The remaining 13% couldn’t answer either way.

Bandai Namco also showed various adjustments they plan to make with the results of the closed beta. Plans moving forward include…

  • character balance adjustments
  • adjustments to the performance of the most powerful movement techniques
  • adjustment to restraint abilities, such as Ochaco’s floating state
  • further adjustment to the speed of camera movement, field of view, etc
  • consider adjustments to make jumping, dashing, wall climbing, etc.
  • improve team disbanding and disengagement operatio
  • add elements that create the possibility of reversing the situation in a pinch
  • new options for offense and defense when down

Finally, Bandai Namco shared stats on popular characters, costumes and more. You can see those results below.

Top 3 Characters (USA)

  1. Izuku Midoriya
  2. Katsuki Bakugo
  3. All Might

Top 3 Costumes (Worldwide)

  1. All Might/Undefeatable
  2. Shigaraki/In Plain Sight
  3. Dabi/Formal Suit

Characters with Highest Win Percentages (Worldwide)

  1. All Might (19%)
  2. Cementoss (16%)
  3. Tsuyu Asui (15%)

Most Wins from a Player (Worldwide)

  • 108 Wins

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