Samurai Maiden hits 50k sold in less than a week

A great start for a new IP

12 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

It’s incredibly hard for any company to launch a brand-new IP. Sequels always get more attention, but to get to a sequel you have to start somewhere. Thankfully for D3 Publisher and developer SHADE, it seems their latest effort is off to a great start.

Samurai Maiden came to the Switch and other platforms on Dec. 8th, 2022. Following that launch, D3Publisher and SHADE have confirmed that the title managed to move 50k units worldwide already. It’s pretty impressive to see a brand-new IP to achieve that figure in less than a week!

We know that nearly 8k of those sales come from the physical release in Japan, with 4,360 units sold on Switch and 3,524 units moved on PS4. The rest of the sales come from the digital side of things around the world.

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