Visit the official website for the Fire Emblem Heroes to vote in the A Hero Rises: Fire Emblem Engage Cup event, celebrating the release of Fire Emblem Engage for Switch on Jan. 20th, 2023!

The candidates are none other than the 12 protagonists of the Fire Emblem series who appear in the Fire Emblem Engage game as Emblems. You can pick one version that has appeared in Fire Emblem Heroes for each character. The number of characters you can vote for will increase by one daily.

The 12 winning Heroes will appear in the Free Summon: A Hero Rises Engage Cup summoning event in the Fire Emblem Heroes game near the end of January, and you can make a Hero of your choice a 5★ ally. Plus, the summoning event Focus: A Hero Rises Engage Cup will be available at the same time!

Visit the official website to vote for your favorite version of each of these 12 Heroes, now through Dec. 25, 6:59 pm PT.

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