Becoming the new voice of an iconic character is no easy task. People become attached to characters, voices and performances over the years, and whenever someone new comes aboard, they will be met with intense scrutiny. Deven Mack, the voice actor for Sonic in the upcoming Sonic Prime, knows this all too well.

In an interview with Videogames Chronicle, Mack opened up about the challenge of portraying Sonic when so many people already have a voice and style in mind. Mack aims to respect those who came before him to bring Sonic to life, all while doing his own things.

“I would say there’s definitely a challenge there to an extent, because people do have their expectations of who this character needs to be. I have my own as well, being somebody who grew up watching the character throughout different iterations of him.

But there’s still that consistent trait that he’s had, of being this larger than life personality, who’s always really, really positive and always has that confidence and that swagger. That’s been a consistent thing no matter who performed the character. And I’m definitely drawing influence and inspiration from everyone, all of the amazing talents who have helped bring this character to life.

I’ve gotten some freedom as well to kind of put my own unique spin on things but again, knowing the character and having grown up with him, there’s always been that sense of ‘this is who Sonic needs to be, this is who people expect Sonic to be’, and for me it just feels like Sonic, at the end of the day.”

[Deven Mack, voice actor for Sonic]

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