Two Point Campus has been updated to Version 3.0. You can check out the patch notes for this update below.

Space Academy (Paid DLC)

  • Three new Campus locations
  • Six new student archetypes
  • Three new events including Sci-fi Conventions, Space Battles, and an out-of-this-world gig act.
  • New Time Tourism Club
  • LOTS of new items!

Free Update 3.0

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Added new visualization mode to show which items are ready to be upgraded
  • Added Queue Management (version 1)
  • You can now see student’s position in queues & move them up or down to suit your needs
  • Added a Career Goal Completed inbox message to help players claim their kudosh
  • Added some new animations for the Love Bench item (Archaeology) Added a button on the “Dig-Site” empty notification to take you to that particular Dig-site
  • Commercial Research Projects have a different background colour, making it easier to differentiate between Academic & Commercial projects
  • Added A new feeling “Missed Class” to apply to students if they miss a class due to problems with a class (like no teacher, or missing items). This debuff will reduce happiness and make students more likely to consider dropping out or refusing to pay fees
  • Added tooltips on the Campus Overview for Staff and Student happiness
  • Queuing behaviour improvements:
  • Students will now prioritise needs over sitting down
  • Students will try to stay in front of the room doors rather than going round the back of rooms

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Knight school teachers were sometimes standing in front of the Combat Dummy and blocking students from using it
  • Fix for players Room Template descriptions not showing the Room Template tooltip
  • Fixed a bug where the “Build research room” objective wasn’t auto-completing if you had already built the room earlier
  • Fixed a bug where Internet History students weren’t using the VR Projector when they had a self-study project that required it
  • Added more stability improvements & memory optimisations
  • Various minor bug fixes

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