The situation between The Outbound Ghost publisher Digerati and developer Conradical Games has heated up at a record pace, and now things have moved all the way to legal repercussions.

For those who don’t know, Conradical Games claimed that The Outbound Ghost was released in a state they weren’t happy with, saying the situation was out of their hands. Conradical Games then told players not to purchase the game, and instead hold off until rights to the game were returned. Conradical would then update the game and re-release it in a state they were happy with. As you might suspect, publisher Digerati pushed back against these claims, and said they were complete unaware that Conradical was upset with the game’s state.

Digerati released a video message about the matter a couple of days ago, but things have escalated to legal filings as of today. Digerati is now opening a lawsuit to order Conradical to “perform its obligations under the Licensing Agreement to ensure the success of The Outbound Ghost.” Digerati remains hopeful they can patch things up with Conradical, but it certainly doesn’t seem that way.

You can read Digerati’s statement about the matter below.

While it is absolutely not something we wanted to do, we have been forced into a position that requires us to protect our rights under the licensing agreement with Conradical. We remain hopeful that we will still be able to resolve this issue amicably, and will be able to cooperate on the continued improvement of the performance of The Outbound Ghost. However, we simply can not sit by and be dragged through the mud in a public forum, nor can we allow our contractual rights to be trampled without exerting some form of remedy. In the lawsuit, we are asking the Court to order Conradical to perform its obligations under the Licensing Agreement to ensure the success of The Outbound Ghost. We are not seeking money at this time because we want to return to the path where The Outbound Ghost would be successful.

Given the sudden change in the nature of our relationship with Conrad, as well as other information we have received, we have a reasonable suspicion that forces outside either party have interfered to sew division between us from the developer side. This is an area in need of addressing. We look forward to the potential of reclaiming a positive relationship with Conradical once they can accept and acknowledge that we have not done them wrong.

As Digerati has repeatedly stated in private; Digerati is ready, willing, and able to work with Conradical to ensure the success of The Outbound Ghost and Conradical as a continuing partner. We hope that the need for legal interventions is short lived, and this matter can be settled immediately.

As to patch timing, the initial patch for the Switch remains with Nintendo for release timing, and should be applied in the next few days. We will continue monitoring qualified feedback from anyone playing the game who would like to share their experience in the game via @DigeratiDM.

Each and every one of the consumers who have purchased the game, either digital or physical, should rest assured that performance issues will be corrected as found.

This is not a normal situation for us either, and it has also been as unsettling from our side as it has for those sitting across from us.

[Digerati statement]

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I was looking forward to this game as it looked to be heavily inspired by paper mario rpgs. I had not kept up with it because I have been quite busy these past few months. I hope they come to an amicable conclusion. I am always hesitant to buy games when I hear the people who made it were mistreated or if they feel like it was rushed out the door.

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