The newest hero in Overwatch 2’s roster is Ramattra, a tanky omnic with two distinct forms in battle. One thing long time Overwatch players know is that this character was in the works for a while, initially teased in the first game’s Storm Rising event almost 4 years ago.

Various members of the Overwatch 2 team sat down with Polygon to discuss what took Ramattra so long and what the creative process was like. We will link to the full article for you to read down below but here are some highlights from the interview.

The reason that Ramattra took long to come to the game is because as more characters get added to the game the devs take more and more time to plan them out. When adding a character to Overwatch the team has to think of not just their gameplay but how they will fit into the larger narrative of the world, some characters then spend a long time on the shelf as ideas are finalized.

It takes us a long time to create a hero on Overwatch actually, especially as we get more and more heroes, it does take a while.

[Dion Sanders (art director for Overwatch 2) via Polygon]

Another thing that increased the dev time is Ramattra’s two forms in battle, Omnic and Nemesis. Double the forms means double the designing and testing for the team, but why go through all the trouble?

The devs felt that two forms were necessary to highlight the dual nature of Ramattra’s character, someone who can be calm or violent depending on the situation.

When you look at him mechanically, we want to capture this hero that has [two] sides to him, in terms of what he’s willing to do to protect his people. [Ramattra] can be a bit more calm or reserved, and you see that with him putting out his shield barrier [and] poking from afar. And then when he transforms, when he goes into his Nemesis form, you see a different side of him. You see some of that force coming out — what he’s actually capable of.

[Alex Dawson (Lead Hero Designer for Overwatch 2) via Polygon]

The last point we will discuss is that the team says they view Ramattra as less of a villain and more an antagonist, even suggesting that some players may end up agreeing with his ideals but disagreeing with has methods.

That’s all we’ll say about this interview for now, if you want more info on Ramattra’s gameplay philosophy we highly suggest checking out the full interview with Polygon that we will link to below.

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