Sonic Frontiers hits 2.5 million units sold worldwide

A great debut for Sonic's latest

13 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Sonic Frontiers launched on multiple platforms November 8th, 2022, which gives us just over a month’s worth of sales data. It also gives SEGA an excuse to trumpet some very impressive sales for the blue blur’s latest.

According to a new report shared by SEGA, Sonic Frontiers has managed to move 2.5 million units worldwide. This figure includes all platforms combined, just as it does for digital and physical units. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the split is between platforms.

It would be nice to know how this compares to other Sonic titles in their launch months, but SEGA didn’t comment on that. No matter what though, 2.5 million in a month proves that Sonic is here to stay!

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1+ y ago

There’s a lot of good faith towards this game and the franchise’s future. I think what fans want is a well made Sonic game that respects and makes use of his past stories. While I think the gameplay was serviceable this time, the overall direction is optimistic as it feels like a franchise people can invest their time into again.