Get ready to go behind the scenes of the survival horror game inspired by the classics of the genre, Remorse: The List. A series of making-of videos by DeppreSick Team and Feardemic will give an inside look at the creation of this immersive and terrifying game, and the second in this series is available above.

Remorse: The List is a survival horror in the classic sense, with open gameplay, an inventory, and combat. Explore the creepy, dark suburbs of Hidegpuszta and find out what secrets lie within. Your only clue? A mysterious list. Make sense of the cryptic document, use your head to solve the puzzles, and use both melee and ranged weapons to solve problems of a little more… aggressive nature. Count your bullets though, there’s even less of them than your blessings.

Do you have what it takes to learn the true nature of this wretched place, and more importantly, to make it out alive?

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