Check out everything coming to the Odin’s Onslaught Update in SMITE, including the new Adventure, a Yulefest event, the Stormy Chibi Susano DKO crossover, and more!

Odin has hired five teams of two to defeat the herald of Ragnarok, Níðhöggr (Nee-thogg-r). Face off against each other to reach a bounty threshold of 35,000 gold. Defeat jungle monsters, players, and a roaming boss for bounties. Secure and deliver trophies for even larger gold rewards.

Along with this comes the Yulefest event! This event celebrates SMITE’s many friendships during this most joyous and cozy season! This event will have 6 purchasable Exclusive Skins in total with 2 Skins releasing every 2 weeks. Each Skin will have an initial discount for that release only. Purchase all Skins to unlock the Unlimited Spell Blaster Charybdis Skin! Also, everytime you purchase a Yulefest event Skin you will also receive a Gift Token of a certain gift type (Emote, Voice Pack, Tier 2 Skin, or Awesome Gift). Gift Tokens allow you to send a gift to a friend on your friends list, in the gift store, or to maybe make a new friend by giving a gift from the end of match lobby to a stellar teammate! Send your friends gifts this season and spread the joy of friendship!

If you want to see full details on the Odin’s Onslaught update, you can find a complete breakdown here.

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