As we mentioned earlier, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is now available on Switch. Square Enix wanted to celebrate this occasion in a special way, which is why they teamed with Simon O’Rourke, a renowned UK based tree sculptor and self-confessed video game enthusiast. The results of that collab is a Buster Sword tribute unlike any other.

For this stunning creation, Simon stripped off the outer layers of a tree with his collection of chainsaws of different shapes and sizes, simultaneously visualizing the sculpture as he worked his way around it. Once the foundations of the Buster Sword design were finished, he then worked his way in to the finer details of the sword and handle using smaller tools, such as the grinder, drill, and rotary tool to finesse the final details. Within the intricate woodwork of the sculpture, he used metal inserts to strengthen fragile areas and then delivered the finishing artwork using a chisel and smaller power tools, before staining and colouring to complete the Buster Sword Tree.

For the Buster Sword Tree, Simon lit the branches with LED lights, and he plans to have it on display, pride of place on his front lawn for the duration of December. The Blue Atlantic Cedar tree used for the sculpture was felled in a suburban area earlier in the year owing to a common place fungal disease.

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