The debut of Sword & Shield—Silver Tempest has released an absolute behemoth into the Standard format. Rivaling the early dominance of Palkia VSTAR, Lugia VSTAR has been outperforming the crowd since its debut at the recent Latin America International Championships, where it held six of the eight spots in the Masters Division single-elimination bracket and both finalist spots.

The popular Lugia VSTAR archetype revolves around discarding two Archeops, also from Sword & Shield—Silver Tempest, and then putting them onto the Bench using Lugia VSTAR’s Summoning Star VSTAR Power. Once in play, Archeops’s Primal Turbo Ability can be used to load up required Energy on Lugia VSTAR and other attackers. The deck’s strength comes from its use of other attackers that can Prize-trade favorably. By using all attackers (including Archeops), Prize-trading is favorable against almost all opposing strategies.

To see Pokémon Co.’s suggestions on how to best use Lugia VSTAR, check out their feature here.

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