Acquire has announced that the PS2-era stealth action game Kamiwaza Tourai is coming to Switch. This versoin will be remastered from its original 2006 release, and launches for Switch in Japan Fall 2022.

Kamiwaza Tourai will feature high-resolution graphics, refined textures, an auto-save function, various tutorial adjustments, and more. For more details on the game, check out the official breakdown below.

The player takes on the role of Ebizo, a chivalrous bandit who steals from the wicked to help the weak.

“Swiftly steal merchandise displayed inside shops with elegance.” “Break into vaults and warehouses to rob them.” “Pickpocket valuables from under people’s noses.” “Even steal kimonos from town girls.”

Master the art of stealing with various thieving actions tailored to all sorts of situations and targets. The story will change in various ways depending on the people you encounter and the decisions you make as you progress.

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