The Mad Mercenaries update for Rogue Company is now live. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Year 2 Season 5: Mad Mercenaries Update

It’s time to cause chaos in the Mad Mercenaries update, this warzone comes with a line up of crazed content in the Mad Mercenaries Battle Pass. Additionally, this is a new season reset for ranked and we are introducing additional and new types of contracts so that you Rogues can get out there and get paid!

Mad Mercenaries Battle Pass

In this update our Rogues don a vicious and wild look as Mad Mercenaries set to cause havoc for a price! In the Mad Mercenaries Battle Pass, you’ll find awesome content for rogues like Runway, Glimpse, Anvil and Umbra paired nicely along with the Bonedust Sahara Mythic weapon skin!

Battle Pass Base Bundle (1000 Rogue Bucks)

  • Foxy Pajamas Glimpse Epic Outfit
  • Playground Antics Rare Wingsuit
  • 1 Hour Account Boost
  • 20% Battle Pass Experience Boost

Battle Pass Elite Bundle (2000 Rogue Bucks)

  • +15 Battle Pass Levels
  • Foxy Pajamas Glimpse Epic Outfit
  • Playground Antics Rare Wingsuit
  • 1 Hour Account Boost
  • 20% Battle Pass Experience Boost

Battle Pass Rewards

General Rewards

  • 3x Reward Supply Drops
  • 3x 30 Minute Account Boosts
  • 3x 45 Minute Account Boosts
  • 4x 1 Hour Account Boosts
  • 1000 Rogue Bucks


  • Street Art Rare Spray
  • Figure Skating Freestyle Rare Emote
  • Collide-A-Scope Epic Melee Wrap
  • Rat Pack Rare Wingsuit
  • Explosive Bunny Rare Avatar
  • Beautiful Death Rare Border
  • Leaf Shower Rare Emote
  • Collide-A-Scope Epic Primary Wrap
  • Mascot of Mayhem Epic Title
  • Baby Face Umbra Rare Outfit
  • Rogue Toons Rare Banner
  • Crazy Ride Rare Wingsuit
  • Water Gun Fight Rare Emote
  • Collide-A-Scope Epic Secondary Wrap
  • Street Artist Epic Animated Avatar
  • Bullet Casings Rare Border
  • Gasoline Graffiti Epic Melee wrap
  • Chaos Clown Epic Title
  • Gasoline Graffiti Epic Secondary Wrap
  • Blast Friends Rare Spray
  • Big Cheese Anvil Rare Outfit
  • Woodland Critters Rare Border
  • Hop and Scotch Epic Banner
  • Gasoline Graffiti Epic Primary Wrap
  • Vivid Vision Epic Wingsuit
  • Kid-At-Heart Legendary Emote
  • Bone Dust Mythic Weapon Wrap
  • Diamond Bite Epic Avatar
  • Fiery Temper Epic Banner
  • Royal Decree Epic Wingsuit Wrap
  • Unborn Nightmare Legendary Avatar
  • The Main Event Legendary Title
  • Rabid Bunny Runway Legendary Outfit

New Ranked Season

The first new season of the new year begins today, granting last season’s rewards and unlocking new ones to earn!

Year 2 Season 5 Ranked Rewards

The following rewards will be given to those who are marked veterans in ranked and to those who have achieved Rogue tier during the active season:

  • Play 30 Ranked Games: Party Animal Epic Avatar
  • Achieve Rogue Tier: Bubble Gum Splatter Epic Weapon Wrap Bundle

NEW! Ranked Contracts!

From this update forward, we are implementing a new set of contracts meant purely for Ranked:

  • Play 15 Ranked Matches – Reward: 300 Reputation
  • Win 10 Ranked Matches – Reward: 300 Reputation
  • Complete Both Ranked Contracts – Reward: 400 Reputation

Much like Weekly Contracts, these Ranked Contracts will become active only on weekends! So come Friday, get out there and compete!

Daily Contracts Expanded

In this update, we’ve done a massive pass to our library of Daily Contracts with the goal in mind of giving our players unique and fun objectives to achieve while they are out there saving the day! Want to get rewarded for mowing down rogues with Cannon’s Minigun or wreak havoc with all of Dima’s explosives? Try them out in the new update and let us know what you think!

New Performance Indicators

During normal gameplay you may see some new icons in the UI! These are being added as a way to collect data on network performance and help us improve the overall experience. While you may notice them, please do not be alarmed as their presence does not necessarily indicate worse performance.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed various camera and collision issues across several maps
  • Addressed some Ranked Progression issues
  • Fixed an issue where Cannon’s Minigun would disappear if somehow dodgerolling off of parts of maps.
  • Fixed a MVP pose issue with Saint
  • Fixed an issue where bots would not begin navigating into the map after landing
  • Fixed an issue with the Squad Goals Dima idle animations
  • Fixed some unintended issues with gadgets while they are on cooldown
  • Fixed an issue with Shooting Range where all guns would be locked out
  • Fixed an issue with how Gunsmith and Shredder Rounds interact with your ammo count
  • Fixed various audio issues with the MLC Mixtape Mythic skin
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game shop would be un-interactable if opened while the scoreboard is up

Known Issues

  • The Ranked Info screen shows incorrect rewards, please refer to the Ranked entry above to know what the awards are until we address this
  • The VFX of emotes, if you another emote following it, will sometimes retain the VFX of the previous emote
  • Some Wingsuits have the wrong thumbnails
  • Some bots don’t seem to want to purchase primary weapons
  • Some texture issues with the Kid-At-Heart emote

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