Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are back with another look at Fire Emblem Engage, and today gives us details on Jade, who is voiced by Marie Miyake in the Japanese version. Alongside that, we also got a detailed look on the ‘Training Room’, which is a room used to gain EXP/SP by having your Units fight in mock battles against other Units; check out all the details below (via Perfectly Nintendo).

Jade a Royal Knight of the Kingdom of Brodia, and a vassal of Prince Diamant. She’s known for her calm and loyalty. Jade is the silent and stern type, which is why people often say she’s cold and ruthless, but the truth is, she does like cheerful and funny things too. Whenever she encounters a problem, she always starts meditating… no matter where she is!

Jade’s starting class is Axe Armour. A heavily armoured Unit wielding an axe. Her defense is a force to reckon with, but the same cannot be said about her resistance to magic attacks…

Training Room

  • Regular Training (not official English name): a mock battle against allied Units. Doesn’t cost you anything, but can only be used a certain number of times. Also, the opponent is chosen at random.
  • Special Training (not official English name): a mock battle against an Emblem. Requires Friendship Fragments*, but can be used as many times as you want. Also, the Bond Level with the Emblem used as opponent will always increase after training.

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