Chocobo GP is being updated to Version 1.4.0 on December 21st, 2022. The full patch notes for this update have been released in advance of the patch itself. You can read the notes in full below.

- The addition of the new “Midgar” course

  • This course can be selected in Multiplayer, Time attack and Custom Race modes
  • This course will appear in Chocobo GP mode after the start of Season 5

- The addition of seven new series

  • Each series will be unlocked after finishing in third place or higher on the previous series

- Changes to the matching process for the first race in Chocobo GP mode

  • From now on, the race will start automatically once a set time has elapsed after the start of matchmaking, even if a full set of players has not joined yet

- Adjustments to the following characters:

  • Maduin is now invincible while his ability is active
  • The delay before Sylph’s ability activates has been slightly reduced
  • Improvements to Cid’s speed boost effect
  • The duration of Mecha Chocobo’s speed up effect has been increased

- Changes have been made to the story mode, so that Gilgamesh and Racing Hero X’s appearances during a race will match how they look in the story scenes

- Fixes to incorrect parameter information shown for Raffaello (speed model)

- Fixes to an issue where the giant fireball produced when using Treasure Hunter Cid’s ability would hit the starting gates on the Cid’s Test Track course

- Fixes to areas where racers could become stuck on the terrain on the following courses:

  • Big Bridge (Short 1, Short 2 and Technical versions)

- Fixes to an issue with Time Attack mode where the ghost racer would disappear from the course after crossing the finish line on the Balamb Garden courses

- Other bug fixes

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