Publisher gamigo and its popular voxel-based MMO, Trove, are now also looking to Trovian console players to become the next Trovian shooting star! Players can now choose their constellation and embody the power of the stars to gain extragalactic bonuses with the new Star Chart character progression system.

Console players can now choose their favorite constellation, become empowered with the power of the stars, get their hooks into the revitalized fishing system and be ready for lift-off! With the power of three main primary constellations, Trovians can embody their preferred choice before embarking on the grand adventure.

That’s not all! The class revamp Boomeranger also lands today on consoles, including all the additions and changes which came to the PC version in October of this year. As well as the revamp, venture forth with the Boomeranger Blowup, which focuses on user experience updates, chaos crafting updates, brand new dungeon delves and so much more!

No time like the present Trovian, dive right in and marvel at the latest console updates. Don’t let that big catch get away!

Along with that, the Trovian winter and Snowfest have begun in gamigo’s popular voxel-based MMO Trove, as snow is beginning to cover the hub and players are welcomed to join in the festive celebrations!

Elfsly eagerly awaits Trovians in the hub to join in and take part in the Snowfest 2022 festivities. Players can advance through the brand-new quest line to save the Horned Rumpfus, travel through the various worlds to discover the beautiful Present Dungeon Delves to collect awesome gifts, and because the Holiday season truly is the time of giving, Trovians can then proceed to donate their resources at donation stations to earn even more wonderful rewards!

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