Closing 2022 with the biggest bang of the year, the six-week major Update now live in SMITE features a ton of fun from a new Adventure to esports and crossovers with Monstercat and Divine Knockout plus gifts, rewards, and goodies for everyone.

In an exciting new twist on traditional SMITE, five teams of two players can now face off in complete mayhem in Odin’s Onslaught. This brand-new temporary Adventure mode has been revealed in this teaser trailer.

Entirely free for everyone and best played teamed up with a friend, Odin’s Onslaught is a ‘PvPvE’ experience. Each duo strives to gain the most gold by slaying enemy players, hunting jungle monsters, and capturing objectives. The all-new map themed around Norse mythology is an immense jungle home to a unique boss, Níðhöggr. Once slain, he drops a trophy that needs to be carried and delivered at specific locations – a variation inspired from traditional Capture The Flag modes. The map features several distinct zones; each designed to represent a different Realm.

This highly anticipated Adventure has been inspired by its many predecessors such as Fafnir’s Winter Wonderland, Nike’s Valley of Victory, and Da Ji’s Legend of the Foxes.

Just ahead of the gifting season, SMITE also launched this year’s Yulefest Event, bringing holiday cheer and festive goodwill to the Battleground.

Each Yulefest skin you purchase also grants a Gift Token to send to your friends. Once unwrapped, those gifts will allow the grateful recipient to unlock emotes, voice packs, T2 skins and even skins from the Awesome Chest!

Two skins are already out for purchase – Lunar Lightning Ishtar and Infinite Wave Poseidon – as well as the collection reward, Spell Blaster Charybdis, unlocked as a bonus for fans who purchase the entire event at a discounted price. The next Yulefest content drops will happen on December 27 and January 10, each bringing more high quality skins and Gifts Tokens.

Bass bringer Tokyo Machine from the Monstercat record label has become godlike today, entering SMITE as a Loki skin. Voiced by the artist himself, Tokyo Machine Loki features unique sound effects straight from his songs.

Fans can now unlock him in the new Monstercat Chest also containing all the previous skins from this popular partnership.

Finally, from January 13 to 15, more rewards await fans on Twitch for the yearly apex of SMITE esports – the SMITE World Championship (SWC) itself!

WorldsWithFans has all the ingredients to be an incredible competition, also leading to the biggest beat of the game’s history: Year 10. The Road to Worlds, SWC Qualifiers, and SWC will all feature a bevy of awesome in-game rewards; free to all viewers.

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