Remember back in the day when Capcom put out Okami on the Wii, and the cover art accidentally included an IGN watermark? That caught the company a bunch of lighthearted jabbing on the internet, and became a part of gaming history. Unfortunately for Square Enix, they’re about to join the same legacy.

Fans of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII have spotted a painting in the game that has a little something never intended by the original artist. As you can see in the image above, the painting in question still has a Getty Images watermark on it. For those interested, the original art is a piece by artist John Crowther.

There’s no doubt Square Enix will update Fans of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII to either remove the watermark or swap in a new picture. That said, the internet never forgets, and you can rest assured this slip-up will live on for years to come.


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1+ y ago

Square-Enix also left a watermark on Elsa where she sings the song that must not be named in Kingdom Hearts 3 because they forgot to renew their license.