Dauntless has been updated to Version 1.12.4. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


Have you heard about the legend of the Silver Sword? This Frostfall, help Linnea Silver connect with her roots and step into her role as leader and protector of Vylmark — by forging a sword that can only be crafted and enhanced during the season.

Take part in beloved Frostfall traditions and gear up for the season with exciting festive activities and fabulous winter-themed cosmetics. Festivities begin on December 15 and end on January 5.

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The Silver Sword

Visit Honest Ozz and Linnea Silver for a series of new quests to craft Silver Nikola’s Silver Sword. Once you have crafted the sword, complete special time-limited quests to level it up from level one to ten. Finally, reforge it to unleash its ultimate power!

At level 1, the Silver Sword’s stats are:

– 10 Power / +1 Guardian / 1 Defense Cell Slot / +10% Shields Gained

At max level, the Silver Sword’s stats are:

– 120 power / +3 Guardian, +3 Warmth / 1 Defense Cell Slot, 1 Strength Cell Slot / Mod Slot / Special Slot / +50% Shields Gained / +100 Maximum Health / +10% Healing Power / Using your special continually generates Frost Sprites that grant your next attack +60 damage and minor frost damage (Max 4 Sprites)

The Silver Sword is yours to keep even after Frostfall ends, but it can only be crafted and enhanced during Frostfall.

Bug Fixes


  • Toxic Phage III now progresses properly when using Fenroar’s Thorns.


  • The Gauntlet leaderboard can now be scrolled by using a mouse wheel.
  • Fixed an issue that made the Claim Rewards button in the Research Lab appear clickable after claiming the reward.
  • Polished a number of UI elements in the Research Lab.
  • Fixed an issue where images of old Ramsgate wouldn’t always appear correctly when preparing for a hunt.

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