A new update is now available for Dungreed. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New Cyox unlock elements

  • Lowered the number of mysterious stones required to unlock items and functions.
  • Added items that can be unlocked through Cyox.

New unlockable features

  • Added 2 special functions that can be unlocked through Cyox.

New buildings

  • Yulford’s Workshop: Can be built after losing 1 dungeon. Basic weapon unlocked. If there is a building already built, Yulford’s Workshop will be built automatically.
  • Arsha’s Rocking Chair: Can be built after killing Caminella 3 times. Boss Rush unlocked.


  • Added 6 food
  • Added 1 random event
  • Added Emergency Escape feature that triggers when you get stuck in a tile
  • Added item tooltip when selecting an item in the dungeon

Add ‘save and quit’ function

  • You can save it by using the bonfire at the exit of the floor.
  • When you restart the game after saving, you will start on the next floor.


  • Added 12 items
  • Added skill to some items


  • You attract nearby gold and mystical stones.
  • Shock status effect: renders enemy’s defense useless -> Continuous damage to enemies, additional damage when attacking
  • Cemetery (backer’s area): Modified to allow entry after completing dungeon once


  • Ghost, Chain Demon: improved visibility while attacking.
  • Big Bat: Fixed an issue where it would not attack after being stunned under certain circumstances.
  • Frost Skeleton Magician: increased attack delay, modified to allow ice attack targeting.
  • Ovibos: Increases HP and adds delay before attack.
  • Elite Frost Skeletontone: Changed the accuracy of ranged attacks.
  • LizardMan: If the Lizardman’s HP is lowered, the Lizardman will be in an angry state.
  • Evil Fanatic Assassin: Fixed game not progressing when stunned.


  • Bosses no longer reuse the last used pattern.
  • Belial: Fixed an issue where certain patterns would not attack the edges of the screen.
  • Niflheim: Changed ice pillars to be invulnerable in certain patterns.
  • Envyrok: Improved the visibility of demon summoning patterns.
  • Lasley: Improved visibility of specular patterns.
  • Tunak: Changes to a pattern other than the existing pattern.


  • Trap: Moved traps have been changed to stop working when all monsters are killed. Traps not related to combat will still work.
  • Trials: Added a fairy in the middle of each trial.
  • Tiles: Changed the background tile color of the forest dungeon.
  • Some rooms have been modified and added.
  • Anvil Blacksmith: Added/changed some options.
  • Anvil: Changed to be able to select one of three random options when enhancing.

Items, costumes

  • KONY MEX-5R: Fixed the attack range of the skill.
  • Magnet: Adjusted the range of gold pulling. (10M→100M)
  • Speed ​​Reloader: Improved to work well with single-shot reloadable weapons.
  • Dash Shield: Changed rarity (Legendary → Rare)
  • Beast Marks Sword ‘Hou’: Changed from ranged attack to melee attack.
  • Tonfa: Attack range, attack power, effects have been changed, and knockback and movement effects have been removed.
  • N134 Minigun: Fixed issues with certain actions during attack.
  • Blood of Sorbeo: Fixed an issue that worked on objects.
  • Arzuna: Fixed an issue where the ‘Magical Magnifying Glass’ effect was not applied.
  • Aldrin’s Second Scythe: Fixed an issue where certain monsters were not being drawn to the skill ‘Soul Grab’.
  • Crew Gun: Fixed an issue where attack speed was not affected.
  • KAAEN – Auto Reloader: Fixed off-handed weapon not reloading.
  • Corrected some spelling effects such as item description effects.
  • Modify or change some other items.

Change options: ‘King of Pickaxes’ costume

  • (Before) Dash attack power +33%, +1 number of dashes, -25 critical -(Change) Dash: When dash attack is successful, dash recovery speed is added. You will no longer be able to wear #Wing items.


  • Changed game play time to count normally.
  • Fixed the issue where the guide text was displayed only in English when changing the control key.
  • Added an option to jump down only with the down key.
  • Added skill cooldown bonus and duration of status effect items to the status window.
  • Changed the status window to show the stats of the food you ate.
  • Fixed an issue where all desserts you ate in the Status window were only displayed as Strawberry Crepe.

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