Aeternum Game Studios has announced that Aeterna Noctis is getting “Pit of the Damned” DLC, and it’s set to arrive on Switch sometime in early 2023.

This is the first playable downloadable content for Aeterna Noctis, and it will take us to explore a new area full of new challenges, new enemies, and, of course, a new and fearsome final boss. The images show the King of Darkness making his way through some catacombs with that recognizable level and puzzle design.

Apparently, an ancient evil claims the monarch’s presence in that old crypt. The visuals speak for themselves, and the downloadable content feels more Aeterna Noctis than ever. Everything indicates that its conclusion will leave more questions than answers, and will lay the foundations for future content for the franchise. In the upcoming months, we will be able to confirm our expectations before such a long-awaited downloadable content that will also include new improvements and skills as the studio has confirmed.

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