Developer Karu_gamo and publisher First Press Games confirm the completion of the localized NES cartridge release of Blazing Rangers (known as Honō no Rangerman in Japan) and announce the immediate digital ROM release of the game through the gaming-platform

Blazing Rangers (Honō no Rangerman in Japan) is a new NES release developed by Karu_gamo, who is known for creating the Gotta Protectors-series. The game combines classic arcade gameplay with unique game design: A fire-fighting one-screen shooter that boasts action-rich gameplay with a tactical touch.


  • Created for NES/FC and compatible systems
  • Fire fighting-action with a wide variety of enemies & power ups
  • 32 challenging levels with additional secrets
  • Two different game modes & 2 player co-op
  • Randomly generated hazards, which keep every playthrough fresh
  • The game was programmed within the console’s tightest limitations by being compatible with the oldest cartridge version of the console: Mapper0.

The physical NES cartridge version has finished production and is now available for shipping. It is priced at 54.99€. There are also Collector and Super Collector editions available.

The release comes in two different region variants: American and European. Each of them comes with an own design paying homage to different regional packaging types and both cartridges work on all console variants (i.e. the EU version will adapt to NTSC when being played on an US console and vice-versa).

Its original Famicom release is still readily available as well. Collector Editions with additional goodies like the Soundtrack on CD are also offered as a pre-order and will follow-up later this year.

Digital ROM Release

Additionally, the digital ROM release of Blazing Rangers is finally here! With this, players are able to launch the game with an emulator on the device of their choice, or via flash cart on real hardware.

Next to the demo download, which is available for free, the full game of Blazing Rangers can be purchased for $12.99 on as a package of all three ROM versions (FC, NES-NTSC & NES-PAL), including the manual in PDF format.

For the international NES release, Blazing Rangers has received special PAL & NTSC optimizations.

The NES has different clocking speeds (50/60hz) depending on the hardware’s region. PAL systems suffered from slower gameplay and music, which is especially taxing for action-based games.

Blazing Rangers is one of the very few games for the system that plays almost identically on all console variants despite this: The movement, clock and spawning speed will adjust to the hardware, the music will do the same as well.

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