Today, Epic Games Publishing and Minakata Dynamics have released Update 1.1 for the recently-released train management sim, RAILGRADE, available to download now on Switch via Nintendo eShop.

After hearing from many players who particularly love the shorter early-game missions in RAILGRADE, Minakata Dynamics has wasted no time in adding three new early game challenge maps, as well as one longer story region placed later in the game.

These new levels arrive alongside a selection of new playstyle modifiers, designed to add further replayability and customization to the game. Players can now elect to switch off train ghosting, which means that trains will no longer pass through each other - requiring careful planning as your network grows in complexity. The No Timers modifier takes away the pressure of the clock, while Millionaire Mode unlocks unlimited funds, allowing your imagination to run wild as you build to your heart’s content. There’s also the addition of the much-requested Endless Mode, allowing you to continue playing past a mission’s completion.

Other changes include additional options for train branching, additional details on engines you’ve unlocked and improvements to the track deletion system to make network design even more intuitive. For full details on all the changes in today’s update, check out the full changelog.

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