Team17 previously announced a huge update for Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos on Nintendo Switch. Now, the roguelite adventure game’s “Druids & Dungeons” update is available, adding a plethora of new content and bug fixes. Patch notes can be found below.


  • Added new enemies! Neuromollusk, Scuttleton, Puffto and more!
  • Added new side quests and difficulty levels! Choose between Normal, Hard and Brutal.
  • Added the Druid Class! Transform into as many as 6 different animal forms.
  • Wager to your hearts content, at the Tavern! Take part in mini games like Slither Scramble, Bullseye and Bombs Away.
  • New shops have arrived in Intori! Enhance your class at the Goddess Shrine Shop, or sell excess monster parts for gold at the Monster Shop.
  • Potion brewing stations are now available in Primary Dungeons.
  • An infinite combat dungeon, the Catacombs, has added to Intori.
  • New items have been added – warp to the overworld fast locations using the Warp Medalion, or break through red rocks blocking the path to the Slalen Ruins with the Flipper.
  • Catacombs – a new infinite dungeon focused on combat has been added to the village.
  • You can now move already placed buildings in the builders shop!
  • Health scaling has been added for all bosses by player count.
  • Complete requests by the villagers for bonus gold! These quests are added randomly as time passes.
  • Added toggle to show building icons in builders shop to show what has already been placed on the map.


  • Added support for upgrade nodes for various class ability modifiers! Movement speed for Hero Sprint, Knight Leap, Pirate Flap, Reaper Skull and class ability duration for Thief Fade, Pirate Flap. Class ability range and cooldown for Ranger Dash.
  • Implemented Witch ability movement speed and ability duration upgrade
  • Implemented Pirate ability movement speed upgrade
  • Lowered magnitude of upgrade effect
  • Changed Thief Steal upgrade to a single upgrade with higher cost.
  • Added second set of class upgrades to the Goddess Shop :
  • Thief – Guaranteed monster part drop on hitting monster from fade.
  • Knight – Bonus weapon reach, increased armour.
  • Ranger – Increase arrows dropped by monsters killed by bow, faster aiming and projectile speed, and reduced movement penalty when aiming.
  • Mage – Bonus rune damage, burst fire (enabling burst fires for all spells), and advanced burst fire (additional projectiles).
  • Pirate – More gems and gold dropped from chests.
  • Reaper – Skulleton type enemies won’t aggro the Reaper player until attacked, and increased HP for fallen players skull.
  • Added an ability to hold down the wand input and choose lock on target manually.
  • Rebalanced rune damage.
  • Rebalanced total mana when fully upgraded.


  • Difficulty adjustments for various enemies have been implemented.
  • Fixed Face enemies continuing to chase players that have moved to another floor layer.
  • Electric Orb – a new bullet type has been added, which slowly homes into the player and zaps/damages on contact! Ouch!
  • Added Weakened (poison) status effect type that causes enemies to take increased damage.
  • Added support for re-engage delay to enemies so they don’t re-aggro immediately.
  • Fixed Zellenak not recharging its shell if stunned while its shell is gone.


  • Fixed crash issues upon joining an online lobby, and when selecting a save and transferring data
  • Fixed players not being able to put down objects they’re carrying in online co-op
  • Fixed not being able to shovel/dig up objects on floor layer 2 in the overworld.
  • Fixed player getting hit by a waking mimic immediately on opening the mimic chest
  • Fixed bottles in the weapon wheel showing the current potion type/appearing empty.
  • Fixed being able to dash while aiming as the Ranger when the class action is on cooldown or not available for other conditions
  • Fixed the input label button for Xbox controllers for the building toggle option in the Builders shop.
  • Fixed stats changes from sword actions (destroying pots, bushes, etc) credit going towards only the primary player online instead of the player who performed the action
  • Adjusted range for engaging with NPCs at a stall.
  • Fixed Hero ability speed upgrade reducing speed instead of increasing
  • Fixed Thief ability duration upgrade causing it to shorten instead of lengthen
  • Fixed Knight stun duration not functioning due to being set as ability duration instead of ability effect duration
  • Fixed Ranger ability range causing the range to decrease instead of increase
  • Fixed Ranger arrow distance upgrade causing the range to decrease instead of increase
  • Fixed Reaper ability movement speed upgrade causing it to decrease instead of increase
  • Fixed Pirate upgrade for ability duration causing it to decrease instead of increase
  • Fixed issues with the kiosk shops having 2 different input panel functions ‘Use’ and ‘Talk’
  • Fixed not being able to close the produce shop with the Escape key while highlighting the for sale bin in the produce stall
  • Fixed issues with dialog setup for Swamp Granny and other NPCs.
  • Fixed player getting stuck in a drowning loop when landing in an ice trap from a jump.
  • Fixed crash when opening the produce shop while the max amount of produce has been sold at once
  • Fixed MP cost under wand runes in status screen to show actual cost once MP cost upgrades are factored in.
  • Fixed floor 3 not being marked as complete.
  • Fixed an issue where certain actions could cause a player to become trapped in Terakar Keep.
  • Fixed an issue where monster health bars were clipping behind parts of the ceiling in Terakar Keep.
  • Fixed an issue where flying enemies would sometimes clip underneath the floor in Terakar Keep.
  • CaveK1 – Fixed a collision issue causing players to clip through the wall.

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