ARK Winter Content: Survival of the Fittest Returns

Tis the season for T-Rextra content!

17 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

‘Tis the season to bring ARK goodies for the holidays! The ‘Winter Wonderland’ in-game event makes its annual return running now through January 5, during which ARK survivors can grab boosted rates, loot-filled presents, and collect 12 new chibis from this epic winter-themed extravaganza.

The ARK Winter Wonderland event is the very first in-game event for Nintendo Switch players after last month’s reboot of ARK: Survival Evolved, bringing content parity with PC and console ARK players. A solid 2023 roadmap of ARK content updates is planned, including parity with all traditional in-game events as well as the release of the ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack on December 26, which brings an elaborate underground biome system with exotic new challenges for Switch players to face.

October’s reboot for ARK Switch players revealed an Expanded Story Content Update which is now available for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players. The story update includes a series of new intro and ending cinematics for each ARK map, as well as the arrival of the community-requested Scorched Earth Ascension cinematic! Finally, the patch revisits older content and gives it fresh experience by adding in new voiceovers from David Tennant (as Sir Edmund Rockwell) and Madeleine Madden (as Helena Walker & H-LNA) to the game’s Dino Dossiers, Explorer Notes, and the epic Aberration showdown with element-addicted Rockwell!

To end the year on a dino-high, PC players of ARK can jump into the Survival of the Fittest Crossplay Prototype starting on December 23. Re-evolved from the ground up with redesigned mechanics, survivors will strive to be the last one standing in this competitive dino-battle mode. Stay tuned for information on console launch dates in the future.

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