River City Girls 2 just launched for Switch, and plenty of people have swooped in to clean up the streets. As is always the case, some players have already finished up their mission and are hungry for more. While nothing’s official just yet, it does seem like there’s a chance for more content.

In an interview with, River City Girls 2 writer Adam Tierney was asked about another entry in the franchise. That paved the way for an interesting comment on the second game.

…we might consider some post-launch DLC for RCG2 before a brand-new game

[writer Adam Tierney]

Nothing DLC-wise has been announced at this time, but Tierney’s comments do make it seem like an idea being tossed around. If something gets officially announced, we’ll bring you the details.

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1+ y ago

I’d rather have a performance patch. It’s a bit disappointing that the game runs at 30fps. It’s not terrible but I noticed right away.