Nintendo has released a number of different Switch docks over the years, including some that are themed after specific games. As a matter of fact, Nintendo just released a Switch OLED that comes with a Pokémon Scarlet/Violet-themed dock. That one is certainly a beauty, but Redditor Reggtegg wanted something a little more sophisticated…so they made it themselves!

The image above shows off a Pokémon Center-themed Switch dock that uses the style of Pokémon Center seen in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Reggtegg went through a 3D printing process to come up with the perfect look, and the end result looks good enough to be an official product!

If you like this design and would love to have one yourself, you’ll be in luck soon. Reggtegg plans to sell this Switch dock via their Etsy shop, but they’re doing a few last-minute tweaks to the 3D print to get things just right. You can keep tabs on the Reggtegg’s Etsy shop here.


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