Front Mission 1st: Remake has been updated to Version 1.0.3 on Switch. You can see the full patch notes for this update below.


  • “Battle speed” option
  • Statistics comparison before combat
  • Alternate route seeking by the AI when the target cell is occupied by an ally (only in Modern Mode)
  • DPAD navigation in scenario map tile by tile
  • Direct attack on enemies by selecting the red square on the scenario map
  • Save panel after the campaign is completed (no autosave deletion)
  • Death animation on the arena when BODY is destroyed
  • A “thank you” sound after a purchase in a shop.
  • Minigun animation when firing


  • Katakana and hiragana characters are now available when entering name
  • More seamless transition from the map to combat
  • Improved Wanzer jumping animation
  • CHAFF is constantly hitting, and the defender does not perform guard animation
  • Better music looping
  • Music is paused before combat and resumed after combat
  • When attacking “only body” machines, the DUEL and GUIDE skills do not appear
  • Changed “open command menu” from Y to B button.
  • Improved the workshop’s ambient sounds
  • Player now returns to enemy selection after combat in the arena
  • Localization tweaks


  • Incorrect MISS and GUARD text position on the arena when attacking from afar
  • Bug with the GUARD value when equipped with a missile launcher
  • USN 10 scenario bug (cannot complete the mission if all enemies are killed before the third turn)
  • Sorting bug in the workshop (wrong item purchased after sorting)
  • Enemies no longer try to attack with destroyed arms
  • Enemies will now attack with only one arm destroyed
  • DOUBLE and SWITCH skills sometimes softlocking the game
  • Shop setup bug (a grip weapon was not added to the stash after purchasing an arm with an internal weapon)
  • Bug when rockets or bullets pass through the ground
  • When using an ACID item, the shoulder weapon and shield were not affected
  • Bug with incorrect shoulder weapon type in setup after shield mounting
  • Other minor bugs

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1+ y ago

These are shockingly good improvements. I may have to finally give this game a shot.