Interested in a multiplayer brawler that doesn’t take itself seriously? Bare Butt Boxing could be exactly what you’re looking for, and it’s coming to the Switch sometime in 2023. Until then, enjoy the new trailer for the game above.

Bare Butt Boxing, from Tuatara Games, lets you enjoy 6-player free-roaming battles where you wander around and try to smack opponents, sending them flying all over the place. Wacky physics, colorful settings, and absurd humor make Bare Butt Boxing perfect for those who are up for some goofy fun.

Think with your butt, but also your head: traps, pitfalls, and other silly hazards strewn across every level can spell an instant KO. Dash for power-ups like electric fists to shock and stun, sticky bombs for explosive repercussions, and invulnerability. Deck out characters with cool customizations unlocked solely through playing and stand atop the leaderboards, leaving no ifs, ands, or butts on who’s the champ.

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