Puzzler 'Path of Ra' comes to Switch Dec. 29th, 2022, soundtrack available today

Enjoy the soundtrack ahead of the game's release

19 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Delve into the depths of Ancient Egypt with the Path of Ra soundtrack. Developer Oneiric Tales is excited to release the immersive soundtrack for its clever puzzle platformer, Path of Ra. Coming to Switch on December 29th, 2022, Path of Ra has players assisting a powerful Pharaoh who has awoken after his death to find that he has become a hieroglyph on the walls of his very own tomb.

Available now for purchase on Steam, the Path of Ra soundtrack features 18 tracks from composer Victor Simard. Each track features a mystical and intriguing journey through the deserts of Ancient Egypt and the dark corners of the highly unexplored pyramids.

Track List:

  • The Last Home
  • Calm Before the Storm (Unused)
  • The Last Journey
  • Book of the Dead
  • Osiris’ Kingdom
  • Book of Gates
  • Pentaour’s Birth
  • Fields of Ialou
  • Weighing of the Heart
  • Final Hope
  • The Harem Plot
  • No Going Back
  • Face An Inner Battle
  • The Duat (Unused)
  • Pentaour’s Crime
  • Apophis Journey
  • The Path of Ra
  • Ramesses’ Kingdom (Trailer)

Path of Ra has players venturing to Ancient Egypt as they’ve never seen it before. The game features over 60 puzzles that have players rotating tiles to create a path for the pharaoh to reach the fragments of his missing heart. The more pieces that players collect, the more of the pharaoh’s past that will be uncovered. What was he like when he was alive? What adventures did he embark on? Many important details will be revealed.

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