Two weeks ago, DreadXP announced that both Sucker for Love: First Date and Iron Lung would arrive on Switch Dec. 16th, 2022. As you might have noticed, Dec. 16th came and went without the release of either games. Turns out there was a slight delay, but the wait is over today. Both Sucker for Love: First Date and Iron Lung are available on Switch right now. You can get a breakdown for each game below.

Sucker for Love: First Day

Obsessed with occult rituals, you have finally obtained the last thing you need to summon the eldritch horror that has been haunting your dreams; a strange, bright-pink Necronomicon. You perform the only ritual that doesn’t appear to be insane ramblings, and inadvertently summon Ln’eta, a cute cthulhu-like girl. She agrees to a kiss, on the condition that you perform a few rituals from the book for her first. Looking back at the Necronomicon… all of the other pages suddenly make sense?

Iron Lung

Iron Lung is a short dread-driven submarine horror game from the developer of DUSK, The Moon Sliver, and Squirrel Stapler. Set entirely within a claustrophobic one-man submarine nicknamed the “Iron Lung,” you must blindly navigate an ocean of blood to take photographs of key locations, and hope whatever lives below doesn’t find you.

There is only a single porthole on the sub, and it needs to be closed due to depth pressure, so you have to navigate purely via an incomplete map, proximity sensors, sound, and a primitive external camera which can be used to take the pictures you need to complete your mission, or to get a grainy low resolution visual of what’s happening outside.

Success will require resourcefulness and patience.

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