Serenity Forge (Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!) and Arbitrary Metric (Paratopic) today revealed Roman Sands RE:Build during Nintendo’s Inside the House of Indies: Holiday Event - a new, genre-defying first-person narrative adventure launching this summer on Switch. Roman Sands RE:Build sets the stage for mental whiplash as it eliminates structures and takes players on an existential, philosophical journey requiring the suspension of human reason and our need for logic, process and connection.

Navigate an unwavering caste system set to a backdrop of the apocalypse and find connection and meaning in the midst of an ecological disaster as players are thrown into two distinct games across a variety of genres encompassing three acts of one overarching narrative. Following their distinct style of transgressive games, Arbitrary Metric’s Roman Sands RE:Build weaves a deeply human narrative, offering a counterpoint to the alienation and malaise of modernity.

Offering a tapestry of unique sensory journeys, the game asks questions and provides intrinsically troubling answers representative of the stark truth of human reality where players are invited to peel back the mysteries of the psyche and uncover what is real and what is not and most importantly, what it means.

A unique, mind-boggling experience joining elements of adventure, gacha, horror, simulation and puzzle games as well as visual novels, players will need to master multiple genres and realities if they hope to solve the mysteries of Roman Sands RE:Build.

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