Latest Super Mario Bros. movie trailer gets a Super Mario 64 makeover

Now let's see the whole movie remade like this!

19 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

A couple of weeks back, Nintendo and Illumination released the second trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. animated movie, and it gave us a much better look at what the film will have to offer. Plenty of people have been pouring over that trailer since it launched in order to glean new details about the movie, but one fan in particular decided to pay tribute to it rather than dig in for new tidbits.

King Bob Gaming took on the painstaking process of recreating the entire Super Mario Bros. movie trailer in an N64 style. In particular, he used a ton of assets from Super Mario 64 to remake the trailer shot-for-shot, and the end result is nothing short of impressive. It’s surprising just how well the trailer still works in this style!

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