Looking for some new monsters to recruit in Dragon Quest Treasures? Square Enix has started sharing codes for some muscle to add to your team, and you can snag two additions starting today.

Square Enix is offering Dragon Quest Treasures players the chance to add both a King Slime and a Killer Machine to their game. The King Slime is named Yuji, as he’s based on Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii, while the Killer Machine is named Pekotto, who is voiced by Hololive Vtuber Usada Pekora.

In order to add these monsters to your game, you can enter the codes “YUB” and “PEK” in the Gift Code menu. Here’s the steps you’ll need to follow:

  • Press the ➕ button to access Menu
  • Go to “Gang” and enter each Code into “Gift Code”
  • Head to Miss Cecily in your base and select “Check Applicants”
  • Give Yuji and Pekotte the items they want to join your crew!

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