New developer spotlight video released for Fall of Porcupine

Still slated for a 2023 Switch release

20 December 2022
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The holiday season is in full swing, and as many of us prepare to nestle down for the next week, publisher Assemble Entertainment and indie studio BUNTSPECHT.GAMES are thrilled to share some news sure to make you feel as warm and fuzzy as your favorite hot cocoa. The developer announced today that Fall of Porcupine, the recently-announced cozy adventure game that deals with the hardships faced in the healthcare industry, will be available — for free — for 1,000 healthcare professionals when the game launches in 2023.

Fall of Porcupine follows Finley, a freshly graduated med school student preparing for his first residency in a brand new small town that seems warm and inviting…at first. Finley must lean on his friends for advice and support as he navigates an “unhealthy” healthcare industry rooting for his demise, all while prioritizing his mental health and self care. The game is a heartfelt, important tale about the hardships endured by healthcare workers, while also delivering itself as a love letter to the human journey of self discovery, self love, and the joys that come with life’s small (and big) accomplishments.

This initiative hosted by the developer and Assemble Entertainment couldn’t be more spot-on, given the publisher’s company slogan, “Saving the World. Game by Game.” Fall of Porcupine’s poignant premise is based upon over 20 interviews conducted by the dev team with healthcare professionals from varying sectors. As a “thank you” to those who participated, and every other individual that makes sacrifices to serve others, the teams conjured the idea to literally give back.

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