Disney Speedstorm was originally supposed to release this year, but Gameloft ended up pushing the game into 2023. They did so in order to make Disney Speedstorm the best game it could be, and that effort includes adding in some fresh modes. Boss Mode is one of those additions, and it should give players a ton of exciting races to tackle.

Boss Mode races are all about increased challenge and overcoming a designated rival AI racer who will do everything in their power to leave you in their dust. When progressing through Adventure maps, you’ll frequently find your path blocked by a Boss Mode and will need to outpace them in order to move on.

Each and every Boss Mode race will have a designated rival racer you will need to defeat in order to progress further in the Adventure Map. You will still have 6 other racers to contend with as well, but don’t take your eyes off your rival racer for a second!

Rival racers will have significantly higher stats than the other AI racers and will be extra competitive, doing everything in their power to knock you out of contention. Always be on the lookout for their attacks as they’ll have you in their sights for the entire race!

Rival racers aren’t the only thing you’ll have to contend with in Boss Mode. In addition to the hazards like the ship cannons on the A Pirate’s Life track, you’ll have brand new obstacles to dodge.

Whether it’s manholes blowing their top in Toon Village or fire-breathing statues in the Jungle Ruins, the race environment itself is at its most difficult in Boss Mode. If you are hit by one of these obstacles, you’ll be stunned so do your best to avoid them.

Hazards and obstacles will be present in other race types as well, but the amount present on the track is dependent on the difficulty rating of the race. In Boss Mode, the maximum amount of hazards and obstacles will always be present so you’ll need to be ready to dodge at all times!

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