Project Winter has been updated with the ‘Up to Snow Good’ patch. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Immune Rework

  • Immune’s ability is now an “Active” ability.
  • This ability does not start charged.
  • The ability charges faster alone.
  • The ability charges faster during a global event.
  • Using the ability makes the player Immune to the current global event.
  • Ability can only be used during a global event or its “warm up” period.
  • Using the ability will mute the Immune player for the duration of the global event.
  • Using the ability will hide player names during the duration of the global event.

Tracker Rework

  • Tracker can now up to two players or objects
  • Tracker can see snow trails longer than others
  • Tracker tags placed on objects will transfer to a player who interacts with that object.
  • Tracker can tag downed players.
  • Tracker tags are disabled after a Solar Flare until the Tracker returns to the cabin.
  • Added “Ukrainian” language option.
  • New Holliday Progression Tree


  • Cabin Bunker Changes
  • Crossbows, Gun parts, and Stimulants are less common
  • Cabin Traitor Crates Changes
  • Gun parts can no longer be found in Traitor Crates near cabin
  • Regular Crossbows now cost 1 Traitor credit and can be found in Traitor crates more frequently.

Non-Cabin Traitor Crates Changes

  • Energy drinks are no longer a guaranteed spawn in distant Traitor crates
  • New spawn rates are: 25% Vodka, 45% Level 1 Drink, 30% Level 2 Drink

Traitor Crates (All Crates) Changes

  • Poisoned Crossbows are limited to 1 Crossbow per crate
  • Allow for Traitors to sabotage Cabin Radio at any point in the match
  • Currently it can only be sabotaged after the second objective is fixed, which often does not leave enough time for Traitors to make a move.

Traitor Ability Items

  • Traitor Ability items will no longer be prevented during minor events
  • Escape Pod
  • Global Exile
  • Jam Radios
  • Airdrop Event

Deep Woods Balance Changes

  • Destructible Ice wall added in front of the Cave
  • Removed a pair of Traitor Hatches allowing for quick access to the Cave.

Gun Balance Changes

  • Sniper now has 8 rounds and does 400 damage
  • Shotgun now has 8 rounds and does 375 damage
  • Poison Crossbow now costs 1 crossbow and 2 poison to craft

Armory Balance Changes

  • Fully crafted guns have a lower chance of spawning in Armory
  • Gunparts have an increased chance of spawning in Armory

Easter Egg

  • A mysterious item was added to the crates of the Lab, Distant Bunkers and Deep Woods Cave.
  • Ranged Weapons found in bunker crates will spawn in with the cosmetic skin belonging to the player that opened the crate.
  • Disabled self-cast option for the Ice Bomb
  • Remote Sabotage now costs 16 Traitor credits
  • Disguise Kit now mimics the “Traitor Information” wheel progress and reveals information for Disguised Survivors.


  • Multiple players activating beacon on armory at the same time can trigger consecutive notifications
  • “Radio Receive Volume” resets after relaunch
  • The “Survive without placing any traps” challenge does not fail if an Icebomb is used to trap an objective
  • Players body disappears if they die before departing on the Gondola
  • Destroying the Ice Wall on deep woods causes rocks to float in the air
  • Animals cannot enter the cave after the Ice Wall is destroyed
  • Poison pot pies do not count towards any progressions on challenges/progressions
  • Player stats in lobby shows incorrect Leave and Commendation amounts


  • Pulled out Christmas tree lights from the attic, found some cool snowman hats
  • Fixed visibility of nameplate for remote players resurrected during Mass Hysteria.
  • Fixed issue where the voice chat icon would appear over a cloned player’s corpse instead of their resurrected original body
  • Traitors now receive a buff when using the delayed sabotage ability on objectives
  • Gave traitor crates their best holiday outfit
  • Fixed inconsistencies on unmuting players after being unblocked
  • Fixed instances when Traitor bleed ability triggers instantly upon use that can’t be stopped by any players
  • Fixed down players cannot be interacted with once a traitor begins to bleed them
  • Fixed instances where a lobby may display a user as ready without them having selected the ready button
  • Fixed issues where a Traitor can trigger events after the mega blizzard started
  • Fixed the Take a Hike Steam achievement to be unobtainable again
  • Traitors now will get a buff when sabotaging the objective with a delay
  • Players now have nameplates after Mass Hysteria ends if they had been resurrected during the event
  • Removed Survivors being granted stat boosts when trapping objectives in game
  • Fixed “Increases” misspelling in the item description for ice bombs
  • Fixed Wide Silver Goggles so they do not jut out awkwardly from face when worn or viewed in progression menu
  • Updated Dab animation for Caribou to be more realistic
  • Removed ability to unselect All Possible Primary Objectives in Blackout custom presets
  • Fixed instances where there is a delay and occasional crashes when selecting Randomize Outfit in the Character menu
  • Fixed instances where the detective music doesn’t stop playing when a body is resurrected by a necromancer
  • Fixed an issue where players cannot be revived after a delay if they have been bled to death then resurrected by a Necromancer previously
  • Fixed issues where an item breaks and becomes unusable when resurrected by necromancer while inventory is full
  • Fixed instances where the Traitor information wheel and health bar do not appear for players than have been converted to traitors
  • Fixed bug where the cipher station sometimes appears when the player selected the dig site in custom mode
  • Adjusted the role change animation/SFX so that it no longer plays repeatedly upon resurrecting someone who was disguised and had their role revealed to the Necromancer
  • Fixed too many localization issues
  • [Switch] Fixed Game crashing when opponent was killed by Necromancer player

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