Developer Tamasumen has announced that Oshiiro, a 3D horror game, is heading to the Switch. In Oshiiro, you exorcise hordes of evil spirits with a light stick, much like the type you see fans waving at concerts. This title released for free on PC, but the upcoming Switch version will be flush with additional content.

Oshiiro takes place at a concert venue called Chiba Legends Arena, where 20 years ago, human remains were found during construction. After this discovery, an exorcist found the location to be haunted by spirits, albeit harmless ones. Following this assessment, construction on the concert venue continued. It wasn’t until 20 years later that these spirits suddenly turned into man-eating monsters.

Your goal is to investigate the Chiba Legends Arena and exorcise the monsters you happen upon. Of course, you do so by waving your light stick around. The only way to defeat the monsters is to match your light stick to the color of the bracelets that they wear.


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