Octopath Traveler II CD soundtrack releasing March 2023

You just know this one's gonna be good

20 December 2022
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Square Enix proudly presents the OCTOPATH TRAVELER II Original Soundtrack! This six-CD collection features epic melodies that bring the colorful world of Solistia to life. This package also includes a booklet, in which Composer Yasunori Nishiki, Director Keisuke Miyauchi (AQCUIRE Corp.), and Producer Masashi Takahashi discuss the music production that went into the game. A must-read for fans of the series!

OCTOPATH TRAVELER II is a brand-new entry in the OCTOPATH TRAVELER series, which was first released in 2018 and sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

The game features a fantastic world of HD-2D graphics with a mix of 3DCG and nostalgia-invoking pixel art. Additionally, a brand-new cover illustration was created by Character Designer Naoki Ikushima.

We hope you enjoy the incredible songs and embark on your very own adventure.

Release Date: March 2023

  • The release date is approximate, any changes will be updated on the page.
  • This is an imported CD from Japan, and some components within the packaging might be in Japanese.

If you’d like to pre-order this soundtrack, you can do so through the Square Enix online store for $55.

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