Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are back with another look at Fire Emblem Engage, and today, we got introduced to Citrinne, who is voiced by Ikumi Hasegawa in the Japanese version, and additional details on what features the ‘Bulletin Board’ have; check out all the details below (via Perfectly Nintendo).


Citrinne is a Royal Soldier of the Kingdom of Brodia, and Prince Staluke’s vassal. A kind and friendly woman. As the daughter of a relative of the royal family, she is quite wealthy and will sometime make use of her wealth to spoil others.

Citrinne’s starting class is Mage. She can use Tomes to cast various spells. If you need to get rid of heavily armoured units with high defense, Citrinne will make short work of them.

Bulletin Board features:

  • Base Information: allows you to check out information about your allies (where to find them in the Somniel, their current equipment, etc.). By selecting an area on the map, you can travel there in a flash. While in the Somniel, you can also access Base Information from the menu screen.
  • Countries Investment*: allows you to invest in the various countries on the Continent of Elyos, which requires Gold. Once investments have reached a certain threshold, the investment level will increase, and you will get a reward. Also, in countries with a high investment level, rare enemies will appear more frequently in battle, making it easier for you to gain Gold and EXP. Also, you will find more items while walking around on the battlefields.
  • Play Records: allows you to check out various stats related to your gameplay performances. There, you will also find “Missions” that task you with completing certain actions. Doing so will net you some Bond Fragments.

*ENG name not confirmed.

Fire Emblem Engage will launch for the Nintendo Switch on January 20th, 2023.

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