Pokémon Pinball on the Game Boy Color remains a favorite of many Pokémon fans out there. There’s certainly no shortage of spin-off Pokémon games, but Pokémon Pinball is definitely one of the highest-quality efforts. Even decades after the game’s release, the game is just as fun to play as it was on launch day. That title was followed up by Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire on the GBA, which was also met with critical and commercial success.

You’d think two successful Pokémon Pinball games would mean a third would come about, and that was definitely the plan at some point. Pokemon Co. and Nintendo had interest in releasing a new Pokémon Pinball game for the Nintendo DS, but unfortunately, that project would never see the light of day.

In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at a cancelled Pokemon Pinball game for the Nintendo DS that was being developed by Fuse Games, the developers of Metroid Prime Pinball. Pokemon Pinball on the DS would have been a step up for the sub-series, with Fuse bringing the same level of quality as seen in their previous NDS outing.

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5M ago

Man, this could have been good. I love the original on GBC. DYKG does some awesome deep dives. So glad they're working on preserving this history.


5M ago

The first two pinball games were awesome back in the day (not counting the mini console game). I doubt I would have the patience today to complete the Pokédex in a new one though.