Nintendo Minute videos are now being privated

They were only around for a minute...

21 December 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 6

I hope you’ve gotten your fill of old Nintendo Minute videos, as it appears the Big N is yanking them from YouTube.

For whatever reason, Nintendo has decided to private the Nintendo Minute series of videos. This show ran for a number of years, and featured the wonderful duo of Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang talking about all things Nintendo. Kit and Krysta left the halls of Nintendo awhile back, and now it seems Nintendo has decided to sunset their content.

While old Nintendo Minute videos might be lost, you can still follow along with Kit and Krysta through the Kit and Krysta Podcast, as well as their Patreon.

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Comments (6)


1+ y ago

That’s a shame to have your work taken down. But it is what it is when you don’t have ownership of it.


1+ y ago

So we went from Nintendo Week to Nintendo Minute... So the next is, Nintendo Centisecond?


1+ y ago

I’m sure Nintendo doesn’t want to give free advertising to Kit and Krysta‘s new ventures and that old content certainly isn’t doing anything for today’s Nintendo, publicity wise. Sure is a shame though.


1+ y ago

I enjoy the new videos more than the old. They're real without the positivity fluff Nintendo required. We are starting to learn of the dirt behind Nintendo's closed doors thanks to the new videos. It's not all unicorns and rainbows as much as we'd like.


1+ y ago


I had the same feelings on this. It's a shame, but I'm glad they're still making content.


1+ y ago

And nothing of value was lost. 😐 It was an awful show, and they were terrible hosts too. It was like watching Barney the Dinosaur. Sickening positivity and completely biased.