We’ve known that Hyper Gunsport was coming to Switch for awhile now, but we didn’t have an exact release date to look forward to. Those who’ve been patiently waiting will be happy to know that the game saw a surprise release today! You can pick it up now for $25 and it takes up 272 MB of space.

Hyper Gunsport is cyberpunk volleyball with guns - it’s all about that hot arcade action! You can play 2v2 or 1v1, with a co-op and single player circuit mode as well. Each of the 7 teams has a light story, unique weapons, and a stage with its own gimmick. As you progress, new rulesets change the game, and there’s an unlockable AI mode as well. This is a hardcore action game, but we are hardcore about our accessibility options too, ensuring the game is playable by anyone.

Hyper Gunsport is arcade action with fighting game vibes, a pulsing soundtrack, a unique cast of characters, and unlockables to discover. As a unique feature to Nintendo Switch™, you can play with four individual Joy-Con™ on one screen. This is Future Millennium Sporting Action!

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