Attention EarthBound fans! My Nintendo has two fantastic physical awards you might be interested in—check it out!

EarthBound™ : Phase Distorter Luggage Tag

Show off your love of all-things EarthBound with this Phase Distorter luggage tag, inspired by the space-bending machine built by Dr. Andonuts and Mr. Saturn in the game. You can redeem 400 My Nintendo™ Platinum Points* to get this item.

EarthBound™ Beginnings: Eight Melodies Notebook

Still searching for all Eight Melodies in the EarthBound Beginnings game? Write your own musical masterpieces in this fancy notebook inspired by the classic game. This 64-page notebook is filled with illustrations of characters from the game and even includes eight pages for composing music! You can redeem 400 My Nintendo Platinum Points to get this.

If you want to pick up either of these items, you can do so through this link!

Thanks to Adam for the heads up!

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