The Fire Emblem Engage information continues to come fast and furiously, and today brings us yet another character profile to share.

The man above is Kagetsu (voiced by Takehito Koyasu in Japanese), a Royal Knight of the Kingdom of Elusia, and Ivy’s retainer. Kagetsu is a cheerful, energetic, amiable, and friendly person. His voice has a somewhat exotic quality to it, no doubt due to his being born in a foreign land.

Kagetsu’s starting class is Swordmaster, which allows him to unleash powerful techniques while dodging enemy attacks. In the video below, you can see a scene where Kagetsu is talking with Ivy. This clip hints that Kagetsu has some sort of precognitive abilities.

The same clip also shows that you’ll sometimes find items laying about while you travel through Somniel. These items are marked by shining spots on the ground. If you collect these items, you can give them to other characters in order to enhance your bond with them.

If you snag a Master Seal along the way, you can use it for Class Change. Units that have reached Level 10 can be promoted to an Advanced Class. Such a Class offers several benefits, including better stats, and the ability to wield more weapon types in battle.

The Second Seal works the same way as a Master Seal, but it doesn’t give access to Advanced Classes. Instead, it’s used to change the Class of a Unit to another base/starting Class.

In order to switch to a Class with a different weapon type, your Unit will need something called a Talent. Any Talent they have from the beginning is called Innate Talent, and earning different Classes will put those Innate Talents to good use. You can have someone inherit Talents from Emblems, allowing you to shape that Unit to your liking.


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